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At ONeill Tax Resolution, we blend compassionate guidance with expert tax solutions, ensuring every client feels both understood and confidently represented.


Patti ONeill

Patti’s exceptional background in taxation, including a Master of Science degree and over 35 years as a CPA, positions her as a tax relief expert you can trust. Her dedication to helping individuals and businesses navigate tax complexities has earned her a reputation for delivering effective tax relief solutions. With Patti, you’ll have a reliable partner committed to easing your tax-related worries and ensuring your financial success.


Why Work With Us

ONeill Tax Resolution specializes in client-focused, efficient solutions, ensuring smooth and personalized tax resolution for each client.

We Put Our Clients First And Foremost

Your priorities are our priorities. We listen, understand, and act to meet your specific needs, providing a bespoke service experience every step of the way.

Realistic Expectations, Realistic Results

Our approach is grounded in honesty, providing you with clear, achievable objectives and diligently working to turn them into reality.

Ethical and Honest Approach

Our commitment to honesty and ethical practice means you can count on us for truthful advice and trustworthy representation in all your tax matters.

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7 Secrets The IRS Doesn’t Want You to Know

With years of record deficits, the government is more eager than ever to get every dollar of back taxes and IRS penalties from delinquent taxpayers. If you find yourself owing back taxes and IRS penalties, here are the seven little secrets the IRS hopes you never see.


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Tax debt can stop you from living your life—We can help with that.

At ONeill Tax Resolution, we want you to do great things without the burdens of tax debt. That’s why we make tax problem-solving seamless and effective, so you can continue to focus on what matters to you most.

Stop letting tax debt control your life. Take the first step towards relief with ONeill Tax Resolution by your side today.